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Elegance meets sustainability in our Threadless Diamond Pear cut, where the allure of lab-grown diamonds takes center stage.


Each earring comes with 3 complimentary posts in the most popular sizes (on the house), so you don't have to worry about sizing. If none of those fit you, we'll send you a new one—for free!


Size: 2.5mm x 3.4mm

Gem size: 3x2mm, 0.05 ct


Metal: Yellow gold
Gold karat: 14 karat
Gemstone: Lab-grown Diamond VS1, F color

Captivating Lab-Grown Diamonds:
We work exclusively with lab-grown diamonds that are as stunning as they are ethical. Grown in controlled environments with the utmost care, these diamonds boast the same chemical composition and brilliance as their natural counterparts.

Perfect Cut and Quality:
Each diamond is cut to perfection by our skilled artisans. Their precision ensures that every facet of the diamond is meticulously aligned, allowing the gem to reflect light in a breathtaking way.

Exceptional Clarity (VS1/2):
Clarity is a hallmark of a superior diamond. Rated at VS1 clarity, our lab-grown diamonds exhibit minimal internal imperfections.

Radiant F-Grade Colour:
The colour of a diamond is a testament to its purity, and our Diamond Pear proudly showcase F-grade colour diamonds. This exceptional colour grade means that the gem sparkles with exceptional whiteness and brilliance, ensuring that this piece effortlessly stands out.

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